Architectural Photography

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Architectural Photography

Curt Clayton is an Architectural Photographer specializing in architectural photography, interior photography and aerial photography for architects, interior designers, businesses, corporations, the hospitality sector and construction industry. For more than 25 years Curt has produced high quality, award winning architectural, interior and aerial photography.

Curt’s photographs are typically used for marketing presentations, advertising, web sites, editorial purposes and corporate communications. They are seen in annual reports, brochures, magazines, offices and exhibitions.

“Commissioning photography of your project is an investment. When you entrust me with that responsibility my goal is to ensure that you receive a great return on that investment. Interpreting your objectives and working within your budget to produce dynamic images that help you tell your story, win awards and new business, is my objective.”

Curt understands a clients desire to be dealing with a person who is not only s highly skilled photographer, but also a team player who is dependable, predictable and focused. Every effort is made to be as unobtrusive as possible and to treat all residents, employees, staff and management of the facility we are photographing with the utmost respect and consideration while producing the highest quality photography possible.  

Curt has offices in Detroit and Toronto and while the majority of Curt’s work is in the U.S. Mid-West and southern Ontario, Curt travels anywhere for his clients. If you require an Architectural Photographer in Toronto, Detroit or anywhere in the U.S. or Canada we would love to help with your photography.  If you would like a cost estimate on your photography project, or if you would like to discuss your project, please contact us. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you, producing some great images of your project and helping you win new business!  email:

Curt is a member of the following professional organizations
American Society of Media Photographers 

Association of Independent Architectural Photographers 
International Associate of Architectural Photographers

Professional Photographers of America
American Photographic Artists