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Interior design photography in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Interior design photography in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Interior designer Anne Rue (HGTV) hired me to photograph a home that she designed for a family in Bloomfield Hill, Michigan. When we first discussed the project over the phone, Anne described this bedroom as “a fun, colorful space for a little girl”. I’d say that was a bit of an understatement! It would be difficult to find a more colorful, fun and yet sophisticated bedroom for a little girl.

The interior design photography of this room consisted of two detail photographs and the main photograph shown here. The green walls and vibrant colors of the room made color balance a bit tricky, and the tungsten light from the ceiling lamp and daylight from the window only added to the mix. I used a 1/2 CTO on a flash head bounced into a large soft silver umbrella to camera right for fill. This brought my fill light to about 3800k, which worked pretty well with the existing mix of daylight and tungsten.


Interior design photography in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Little girl’s bedroom by Interior designer Anne Rue.

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Night photography of Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheater

Night photography of Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheater

The Chene Park Amphitheater photography project was part of a multi-building architectural photography project for along time client. I was given a list of seven buildings that had been completed years before but that, for some reason, they had never commissioned photography. Any architectural photographer in Detroit is familiar with Chene Park and the Chene Park Amphitheater. Built in the late 90’s, the Chene Park Amphitheater is a popular concert venue and is also used for graduation ceremonies by many Detroit High Schools. I wanted to provide my client with an architectural photograph that was visually arresting. I scouted the site to determine the best vantage points and then returned on a sunny Saturday morning to do the sunlit photographs. While I felt that these would be nice I knew that night photographs would capture the true feel of the amphitheater. I checked the Chene Park theater schedule of concert dates and then watched the weather. The forecast looked good for the evening of June 25 when Marcus Miller & Jose James would be performing. With sunset at 9:15 I arrived at 9:00pm to set and wait for the best light. About 30 minutes after sunset the sky took on a purplish hue and I watched while the stage lighting cycled through reds, oranges and blue. The blue looked best and contrasted well with the green grass and the orange sodium vapor lamps at the far left and right of the scene. Just before the sky lost its color I made the final digital captures. I think that that my Night Photography of Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheater project was a success.

Night photography Detroit's Chene Park Amphitheater

Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheater at night

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Detroit Medical Center Night Photography

Detroit Medical Center Night Photography

My goal was to produce a dramatic architectural photograph for my client. Parking structures might not be as sexy as a 50 story condo tower, but our modern cites couldn’t survive without them. And in the hands of great designers and builders, these very utilitarian buildings can look as good as the offices they serve. A chance to do night photography at the Detroit Medical Center is the type of project that an architectural photographer loves! This new parking structure for the Detroit Medical Center Heart Hospital utilizes precast concrete panels manufactured by Prestessed Systems, Inc. who hired me to photograph it. The decision to do a night photograph was based on two factors; 1) with a night shot of the building the darkness would hide much of the construction at the south end (far left) of the parking garage. 2) The second, and most important reason is that night photographs look awesome when properly executed. With the sun setting shortly after 9:00pm, we decided to arrive on site at 8:00pm to begin setting up. Once camera position was determined and the tripod and camera locked down, we brought the generator out onto the median (at the far left) and set up 2 Lowel DP lights (with 1000watt bulbs). The first captures were for the sky and the interior lighting of the structure. Once those were done we started the generator and turned on the lights. I started by lighting the south end of the building (far left) and used 2 lights to light approximately 1/3 of the building. We moved the lights and repeated this until we had captures of the entire building well lit. Then it was just a matter of layering the captures together in postproduction. The moon was out when we did the architectural photography, although it was not a full moon. I removed the “real moon” in post and replaced it with a full moon from my files. I love photographing all types of buildings and interiors and all types of architectural photography, but my favorite type of photography has always been night photography. Overall, I’m very happy with this night shot at the DMC.

Detroit Medical Center Night Photography

Detroit Medical Center Heart Hospital parking garage.

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Architectural & interior photography at Southfield Town Center in Southfield, Michigan

In early May I was contacted by Deutsche Bank in New York about providing architectural photography of the Town Center complex in Southfield, Michigan. This is a landmark complex in the Metro Detroit area and with it’s reflective gold glass and distinctively shaped office towers, it’s impossible to miss the Town Center complex as you head north on the Lodge Freeway from Detroit. Located 10 miles north of Detroit, the upper floors of the office towers afford a good view of the Renaissance Center to the south and the surrounding Detroit suburbs. The complex consists of 5 office towers totaling 2.2 million square feet.

Being involved in the purchase of the Town Center complex by 601 West Cos. from Blackstone Group, Deutsche Bank wanted good quality architectural and interior photography but they did not have the luxury of waiting for ideal weather. Deutsche Bank told me that they need 3 -5 exterior photographs and 1 or 2 good interior photographs of the large atrium.

One shoot day the sky was cloudier than I would have liked, but do to my client’s schedule I had to shoot. As Deutsche Bank was not looking for sunrise or sunset photographs of the exterior, I began shooting shortly before 9:00am. I photographed the exterior from various locations throughout the day and then moved inside to photograph the atrium when the late afternoon sunlit was steaming in through the large glass wall. The final photographs of the day were a couple of exterior photographs taken from a Lodge Freeway overpass north of Southfield Town Center.

Then next day I posted 25 proofs online for my client to review and by 5:00pm had delivered high-resolution digital files of the six photographs that they selected

The results of the day were some nice photographs of the complex and a very happy client. Also encouraging was word that the new owners, 601 West Cos. are planning on spending between $40 and $50 million on upgrades to the complex.

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