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Aerial drone photography in the snow

My goal for this project was to produce winter scenes of this house in southern Ontario. The stone and block on this beautiful home are manufactured by Arriscraft, the Stone Products Division of General Shale. I was hired by ad agency Creative Energy to to produce photographs that would be used in General Shale’s calendar and in marketing material for Arriscraft and General Shale. Aerial drone photography allowed me to produce overall views of house, property and surrounding area. The ability to produce photographs that are just few feet above tripod height as well as detail photos of the upper levels of a building make drones invaluable for architectural photography.

The twilight photography was shot with a Nikon D800 on a Manfrotto tripod. The aerial drone photography was done with a DJI Inspire 1RAW drone.

Exterior photography in the winter can have it’s challenges but this day was quite nice with temps just below freezing and almost no wind. The only challenge was the icy crust on top of 10 inches of snow made walking with a camera and tripod a slow process.

The aerial drone photographs were done with a DJI Inspire 1RAW drone. Aerial drone photography is perfect for a project like this. To shoot overall views of the house in the surrounding area I may take the UAV up to an altitude of 100 to 150 feet (30-50 meters), but for most of the drone photographs I like to shoot from very low altitudes. I find that the range between 15 and 50 feet is the altitude I use for the majority of my drone photographs of buildings.

Because the house was so well lit with soffit pot lights, the twilight photographs were pretty straight forward. I combined separate captures of the sky, soffit lights, porch lights and interior lights. These were all balanced in post production to produce the final images. All of the proofs from this project an be seen here: https://claytonstudio.com/escarpmentdr/

One of the benefits of shooting in the winter is the short day. Shooting from sunrise to twilight in mid summer can mean a 15 hour day while in late December that can be as short as 9 hours.

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Aerial photography over the Detroit River

I received a call from a marine transportation company that wanted a Detroit aerial photographer to capture photographs of its tug boat bringing a Jack Up Barge down the Detroit River and past the Detroit skyline. They wanted some good aerial photographs for their web site and marketing material and were willing to pay the extra cost for photography from a helicopter. I contacted Nick McMahon at McMahon Helicopters in Canton, Michigan. Nick is a great pilot with many hours at the controls of the Bell Jet Ranger. Since we had to time the flight with the arrival of the barge in Detroit, we would not be able to wait for ideal weather. The tug boat captain was willing to slow down to give me more shooting time while he sailed past Detroit, but if it was cloudy he was not about to stop and wait for the sun to come out. If I had been able to schedule the flight based on the weather, I would have waited until the following day when the sky was much clearer. But all in all it worked out very well. Nick made my job of shooting very easy. He seemed to know just where to position the helicopter to give me the best shots and on several occasions brought the helicopter down to within a few feet of the water. Aerial photography over the Detroit River, or any body of water, requires extra caution. The great thing about working with an experienced pilot like Nick is that I can concentrate 100% on my photography while he safely positions the helicopter for the best shots. email: curt@claytonstudio.com

Aerial photography over the Detroit River

Aerial photography over the Detroit River. Aerial photograph of tug boat pushing a jack up barge down the Detroit River.

Tug boat Meredith Ashton pushing a jack up barge down the Detroit RIver

Aerial photography over the Detroit River. Low level aerial photograph of tug boat pushing a jack up barge down the Detroit River.

Aerial photograph of tug Meredith Ashton pushing a jack up barge down the Detroit River.

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