I recently received a call from Detroit public relations firm Franco who were looking for a Detroit interiors photographer to shoot interior photography at the recently vacated Renaissance Center office space of Deloitte. As a result of the COVID pandemic, Deloitte Detroit was reducing the size of their office space and moving to a hybrid work model with many of their employees working at least part-time from home. With great views of Detroit, Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, and Windsor, Ontario, these beautiful Renaissance Center offices were now empty and new interior photography was needed by Franco’s client, CBRE to market to the space.

2012 and 2022 Interior Photography

I did the interior photography of these offices in 2012 for Turner Construction. Turner Detroit had just completed the buildout of several floors for Deloitte and at that time we had to schedule the interior photography for the weekend to avoid disrupting the busy Detroit office. With the offices now vacant and an urgent need for new interior photography for marketing, we planned the photo shoot for my next available day the following week. The only scheduling requirement would be to capture a few photographs between 7:00 am and 9:00 am on the main floor public space of the General Motors Renaissance Center. After that, I would have all day to photograph the now vacant former offices of Deloitte Detroit.

This was a unique shoot. With most interior photography projects the spaces must look beautiful and pristine as the photographs will be used to showcase my client’s work on their websites, in award submissions, and proposals for new projects. I usually have one or two assistants helping to rearrange furniture, adjust computer screens and window blinds and make sure to straighten up or move personal items on desks.

Because the new interior photography would be used by CBRE for the sole purpose of marketing the now vacant space to potential clients who would be refurbishing the offices for their specific needs, basic cleaning and straightening up of furniture was all that was required prior to photography.

Although the furniture showed some minor wear from ten years of heavy use, It was surprising how little the offices had changed since I first photographed them.

Deloitte Detroit office lounge at sunrise in 2012
Deloitte Detroit office lounge at sunrise in 2012

Deloitte's former office lounge in Detroit Renaissance Center
Deloitte office lounge in 2023

Interior photograph of lobby at Deloitte Detroit in 2012
Deloitte lobby in 2012

Lobby of Deloitte's former Detroit office in 2023
Deloitte’s former lobby 2023

Interior photograph of lobby in former Deloitte office in Detroit's Renaissance Center. Interior photography by Curt Clayton
Lobby in 2023