In the Spring of 2012 Turner Construction hired me to photograph an office buildout that they had recently completed in Detroit. Deloitte’s new space occupied several entire floor in the 200 office tower in Detroit’s Renaissance Center. Their new offices offered great views of Detroit, Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River and Windsor, Ontario.

To minimize disruptions in Deloitte’s busy office, we did a pre-shoot walk-through one week prior to photography. We compiled a shot list of 12 photographs that would need to be completed by 9:00am when the office workday began.

We arrived in pre-dawn darkness on shoot day and set to work capturing the interior spaces that would not be featuring window views. Once the sky began to brighten with the sunrise, we could start capturing the photographs that showed the stunning views afforded by the 39th floor office space. During our pre-shoot walk-through the weather was perfect and there was beautiful sunrise; perfect for Detroit interior photography. Our luck did not hold and we were stuck with a gray overcast sky on the day of the shoot. Although disappointed with the lackluster sunrise we were able to use Photoshop’s color and saturation adjustments to produce some nice interior photographs for Turner Construction.

Interior photograph of Deloitte Detroit office

Deloitte Detroit sunrise

Deloitte Detroit reception area

Deloitte Detroit reception area